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Hearing is a part of our daily life. Not only is it about listening to sounds, music, laughter, short conversations and long talks; hearing is about having a relationship with those around you.
If you suffer a difficulty of hearing, you are missing a precise gift. Our passionate audiologists use their Professional Hearing Science Training, many years of experience and the latest technology to diagnose any hearing issues you may encounter, assist you to understand these issues and provide any necessary solutions.

At Brisbane Hearing we pride ourselves on our strong ability to assist patients’ to communicate with friends and family. Our culturally diverse team of audiologists and staff help us fully understand our patients’ needs and concerns in order to reach an accurate solution.
We speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese and English. If you would like to make an appointment in a different language other than English, please let us know by calling 3344 3000.



How we diagnose your hearing problems….



The latest hearing aid models….



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The latest hearing aid models….


At Brisbane Hearing we are pleased to offer a detailed Hearing Assessment for anyone aged 3 and older.

For children, paediatric hearing assessments involve testing peripheral hearing, including the outer, middle and inner ear. We use a variety of age appropriate objective and subjective measures, and include games and activities, to engage children while obtaining reliable results.

Your Hearing Assessment lasts around 30 minutes. We discuss all results and make appropriate recommendations or referrals immediately after testing is completed. Following the appointment a medical report is also sent out.

Some children may have normal hearing, however their parents or teachers may notice that they still experience difficulties hearing. This may indicate possible auditory processing issues. Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) assessment involves a peripheral hearing assessment and tests of auditory processing. The appointment lasts around 1.5hrs. We discuss the results and make appropriate recommendations immediately after testing is completed. Following the appointment a comprehensive medical report is sent, which would include appropriate strategies to address auditory processing deficits, if found. Central Auditory Processing Assessment is suitable for children aged 7 years and older.

Custom Swimming Plugs are a worthwhile investment for children who have a history of ear problems. They prevent moisture from entering the ears and further ear infections. A mould of the ears is taken in our clinic and we are able to order the custom plugs in a range of colours.

Referrals are welcome, but are not necessary to make an appointment.

Medicare may provide some rebate for the cost of a hearing assessment if referred by an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, or patient is part of a Chronic Disease Management program and referred by a GP.

All our clients

Mrs Sumner Mciver with Ronnie

She's 98 years old and she has been seeing Ronnie for years, she described him as "so wonderful, detailed and very caring".

Pat Mckenzie with Ronnie

All our clients

“I was referred by my ENT specialist to have a hearing test at Brisbane Hearing. Good service was provided. Very clear instructions were given by the audiologist for the test”

Oi Hung Chan

“I went to Brisbane Hearing with a referral from a specialist because there had been a bit of change in my hearing. My experience there was really good and I am very happy with the service. The audiologist was really courteous and very reassuring during the test.”

Hannah McGowan

“I got a referral from my doctor to have my hearing tested. My experience there was excellent and there is nothing I can see that would have made my experience with Brisbane Hearing better.”

Chris Mountier

“I chose to come to Brisbane Hearing for my hearing test from the list that was given by the Office of Hearing Services. The staffs were very helpful. They explained everything very well.”

Awtar Singh Basi

“I am very satisfied with the result of my hearing aids. I was seen on time and was not waiting which I am very happy about. A bottle of red red Bundaberg rum would have made my appointment better.”

Les R Hoops

“I came to Brisbane Hearing for a hearing test and am fitted with new hearing aids. I now have more confidence and can wear the hearing aids all the time instead of taking one of them out in noisy situations.”

Dorothy Burkinshaw

Hearing Devices Products


As dependable as the stars in the night sky, Siemens Orion gives users a reliable and powerful hearing solution that is packed with the latest technological... Read More View all Siemens range


With dozens of models and features of hearing-aids swamping the market, the Phonak Naida Q offers a streamlined and simple efficiency for a superior sound... Read More View all Phonak range


The Alta/Alta Pro family of instruments represents Oticon's most sophisticated hearing solutions to date. Alta and Alta Pro are incredibly personalised premium... Read More View all Oticon range

Purchasers of a pair of advanced or premium level hearing aids will receive a FREE electronic hearing aid drying kit, valued at $150. To keep your hearing devices in optimal and previse condition all year round we will provide a free drying aid kit for your hearing aids. This exceptional offer is valid for those who purchase a pair of advanced or premium level hearing aids.

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